Monday, June 23, 2008

The Manifesto 1.0

The purpose of wine warriors is to create an accessible forum for the up and coming heavies of the wine trade to discus, learn teach and occasionally insult each other in a way that is accessible for all, yet satisfying to those of u.s who do nothing but talk and think about wine all day.
Such a forum, for the up and comers is especially vital, because at the moment the industry is dominated by old white dudes. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but we (the youth) are the future of the business and it's high time, my bretheren, to carve out a piece of this pie for ourselves.
We are The Wine Warriors. Okay, so I'm perfectly aware that such a title is a bit... Dungeons and Dragonsish, but it's got more street cred than "Cork Dork", and it implies a slightly more agressive stance than the rather scrawny, bespectaled name "Cork Dork". We are not the type to go to a wine bar and have bottles of La Tache kicked in our faces like so much sand; we are tough as Nebiolo and as resilient as Madeira.
So what does it mean, my bretheren, to be a Wine Warrior?
It requires merely an interest in grapes. And a desire to put our money and energy where our palates are. It means to battle against inflated price and speculation and wine as an investment. To reletlessly search for unknown wines from around the world and enjoy them, not as relics to be kept in a museum, too expensive to consume, but as a gift from nature, meant to be relished and enjoyed; not as something to dust off occasionally to show (but never to open) to the Joneses.
We, my bretheren, are the movers and shakers of our trade and/or our passion; we must, at all costs, keep wine at once accessible but also unique, eccentric and indeed downright weird. And there are several things for which we must strive:

1. This may be nearest and dearest to my heart: the education of our fellow movers and shakers, the youth who are more willing than our parents to experiment with wine and food and all other elements of the good life. Our peers who buy wine, but who have not had the benifit of a wine primer remain in the thrall of [yellowtail] and other sugary, manufactured brands. We must, my bretheren, eandeavour to wake them from this homogeneous slumber and open their eyes to the wonders of well made, interesting wines.

2. Should we purchase wine that is meant to be laid down and forgotten for a decade (and we must buy these wines) we will drink, not sell, said wine in 10 years hence; not only for ourselves, but for our children, who must not be foced to live in a world - as we do - where many of the best, longest lived wines in the world are so far out of our price range that we will never be able to buy them. Buying wines as an investment is the antithesis of all that we stand for.

3. We must affect a Riesling counterrevolution. By this I mean that we mucst keep all those beautiful, amazing and unique single vineyard Rieslings, that are among the best wines in the world, out of the hands of investors, so that we, my bretheren, can still afford to drink them.

4. With our wallets and palates we protect idiosyncratic regional wines and vines so that they may be enjoyed by our grandchildren, but also being wary of poor quality wines being produced from regional grapes.

5. We must drink wines only from quality concious producers. My bretheren, over the past 20 years, indeed, throughout the entire history of commercial wine making, it has been proven that the industry will go where the market dictates - let us dictate that only well made wines are acceptable to the new generation, The Wine Warriors.

6. We must, my bretheren, protect against the homogeonization of taste. Contrary to popular belief, this is not spread by Robert Parker Jr. but by manufacturecd wines that show little variation on an international scale, and do not emphasize a site, or a winemaker, but instead a brand. To reiterate, Michel Rolland is not the enemy, it is the plonk that comes in boxes, and the likes of Charles Shaw.

This is an early version of The Wine Warriors' manifesto, contrubutions, editing and new ideas are most welcome.
Maj. Gen. N. Sanders

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juanita. said...

every time i see wine, i think "nathan sanders".

it's like you are one in the same.

miss you bud!